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This summer I had the pleasure of being a part of EICOP as one of the interns in their HBCU in LA Internship Program. The experience was nothing short of life changing. If it were not for Mrs. Milner, I would not have been working for an amazing company like AMC this summer (a great experience within itself). Outside of our respective internships, the program consisted of several beneficial industry information sessions and events. During the information sessions, we met with several representatives from major studios and production companies, along with executives and directors from top networks. We also had the opportunity to tour several studios like Disney and Warner Brothers. As if these sessions and events were not enough, every Thursday night we would have speaker sessions. Actors, writers from hit shows, several of the industry’s best (like the incredible Nina Shaw and casting director Tracy “Twinkie” Byrd) would physically come to the clubhouse at our apartment complex just to speak with us and allow us to do Q&A’s. I’ve learned so much about the industry, and how to navigate it. I networked a lot, and received several contacts. This entire program was highly informative, helpful and so eye opening and inspiring. It afforded me an opportunity that I otherwise would not have had. Mrs. Milner’s belief in me helped re-spark my belief in myself (as it relates to the industry). I know that I can find my place in this industry and be successful.

This program is very in depth and like no other. You can tell that Mrs. Milner genuinely cares about us at the end of the day. This is not a diversity program that was started just to say it was done. With that being stated, we need this program for our HBCUs. It provides students who may not be able to afford schools like USC and UCLA with the tools and resources needed to gain access to the entertainment industry. I am forever grateful to Mrs. Stacy Milner for championing us and pushing for the much needed diversity and inclusion within an industry we all love so much. Words cannot explain or do this program justice; it was an experience of a lifetime.

Laylah Donnell
2017- HBCU in LA Intern