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What is EICOP?

This unique, educational, recruitment and diversity program is a bi-annual national college tour of the top Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) as well as an outreach to diverse student groups on the campuses of non-HBCUs across the country. It is a 21st Century Pipeline Development Program that delivers a rare inside look at the culture and environment of the industry while equipping students with the tools and resources necessary to succeed in this highly competitive environment. EICOP is proud to have major entertainment studios and networks as partners in this innovative diversity outreach program. Our Industry Partners have committed to actively recruit and develop students who have been traditionally underrepresented when it comes to internships and other employment opportunities. We are calling this groundbreaking event, “Diversity in Action.”


To be the conduit that bridges the gap between top qualified diverse candidates and the desire and commitment of the entertainment industry to develop a culturally and ethnically diverse workforce. This targeted outreach program educates and recruits the best and brightest for work in this multi-faceted industry. We will continue to enhance and achieve our mission by partnering with major film studios, television networks, colleges and universities that demonstrate a commitment to working with our nation’s underrepresented minority groups.

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Tour Schedule

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